Laboratory services

Certified and accredited laboratory of ZNIGO LLC, the city of Borisoglebsk, offers the following services:

1. Non-destructive control:

  • radiographic control;
  • ultrasonic inspection;
  • ultrasonic thickness measurement;
  • magnetic-particle inspection;
  • capillary control;
  • visual and dimensional inspection.

2. Destructive control:

  • mechanical static tests (tensile strength at normal temperature, pipe tensile strength, bending strength);
  • mechanical dynamic tests (for impact strength at low, room and high temperature);
  • hardness measurement (according to Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell);
  • flattening and bending;
  • metallographic studies (determination of the number of non-metallic inclusions, determination of the grain score, macroscopic analysis, including analysis of fractures of welded joints).

Tests are carried out on the basis of the enterprise by qualified specialists certified in accordance with the provisions of PB 03-440-03 and SDA-24-2009.

Testing laboratory of ZNIGO LLC has Certificates of accreditation of the testing laboratory and certification of non-destructive testing laboratories.