Plasma cutting

ZNIGO LLC offers plasma cutting services for metal according to customer’s drawings.

Specialists perform cutting of various types of sheet metal: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, duralumin, etc.

Plasma cutting is performed on thermal cutting machines Birfic (plasma source - HPR 260 XD), control system Burny PHANTOM and PKPLTs-2.5-12 Termit (plasma source MAX PRO200 Hypertherm), control system Burny PHANTOM, which allows cutting of almost any complexity.

A special cutting optimization program is used, which makes it possible to significantly save material. The customer is provided with a cutting chart.

  • Size of the cutting table working area (mm): 3000х1750;
  • Maximum load capacity of the cutting table - 4000 kg;
  • Thickness of the cut metal - up to 30 mm;
  • Cutting accuracy +/- 0.25-0.35 mm;
  • Positioning accuracy +/- 0.05-0.25 mm.