Filtration equipment

Filters and mud traps, with working pressure of up to 20 MPa, vertical or horizontal, designed for cleaning process media from mechanical impurities, as well as cleaning gases from the liquid phase in the oil, oil refining, petrochemical, gas and other industries. The filters may be made of various materials (including bimetal) and climatic versions, have external heaters (water, steam, electric), factory-made thermal insulation, corrosion protection of the inner surface. Products are manufactured on the basis of questionnaires, terms of reference, sketches, drawings, measurements of the existing equipment by our specialists at the place of operation. We provide services on supervised installation, installation, commissioning, warranty and post warranty maintenance, as well as selection of the equipment. It is possible to provide service platforms of various configurations, shut-off and control valves and instrumentation.

We are ready to offer you the following types of filtration equipment:

  • Liquid filters of SDZh type;
  • Gas filters of FG type;
  • Screen filters of FS type;
  • Mud collectors;
  • Mud traps;
  • Coal filters;
  • Consumables for filters.