Sulfur pit equipment

Our company manufactures parts, components and assemblies for arranging underground liquid sulfur storage facilities, where it is simultaneously degassed. We provide services on supervised installation, installation, commissioning, warranty and post warranty maintenance. The main elements of the arrangement of sulfur collectors are made of chromium-nickel or chromium-molybdenum steels. Materials used for the manufacture of elements of sulfur pits undergo strict input control and have all the necessary certificates. We have many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying sulfur pit equipment not only to the domestic market, but also abroad.

We are ready to offer you the following components of sulfur pit equipment:

  • Heat insulated covers;
  • Bubblers;
  • Sulfur heaters;
  • Process unions;
  • Process unions with steam jacket;
  • Hatches for installation and maintenance;
  • Sulfur seals and traps;
  • Filtration partitions.